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Giuliano Guarnieri

(Verona – his path to the origins led him from the modern SLR to the more antiquated Rolleiflex and the view camera).

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Giuliano Guarnieri was born in Mantua in 1967. He entered the world of photography at the age of twenty when he bought his first reflex camera. Immediately fascinated by black and white, after reading Ansel Adams’ “triad”, he began experimenting with developing and printing techniques to express his research into images in a coherent and personal way.

His use and scanning of time, as well as being a tool for engraving on film, goes in the opposite direction: a journey towards the origins that led him from the modern SLR to the more antiquated Rolleiflex and the view camera.

Giuliano loves to search for the depth of tone to find the warmth of objects and the suspension in people: he is therefore not tied to one genre and so his investigation ranges from portraits to reportage, from landscapes to the creation of surreal stories to narrate the society that surrounds him through photography.

He has taken part in several Fotografia Europea exhibitions and several of his photographs have appeared in jazz albums.

The Summer Jamboree opened the doors to Giuliano to that formidable world of fans and devotees of the 1940s and 1950s.

There he immediately felt at ease and in line with his stylistic and historical vision to the point of transforming his hotel room into a darkroom, as a reporter of the time would have done.

Add in, new friends, the sea, the velvet beach and rock’n’roll, and the rest is self-evident.