On the walls of the immersive photographic exhibition “Rock’n’Roll is a state of the soul” are hung photos of the great icons of Rock’n’Roll together with those of ordinary people who belong to this great tribe, photos that describe their lives, their history.

Created to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Summer Jamboree, the exhibition “Rock’n’Roll is a state of the soul” captures the essence of what Rock’n’Roll was and is through the eyes of the Summer Jamboree.

A state of the soul. A state of consciousness of sharing and love.

There is a very deep connection, something special, able to unite and nourish the soul of all those who are part of this great community.

It is something that goes over words and boundaries and cannot come into being until you learn to accept yourself and others.


Giovanni Cocco

Giovanni Cocco (Sulmona, 1973) Le Monde, Newsweek, National Geographic. Giovanni Cocco is a versatile photographer and visual artist. His photos are always sharp. Whether in the series “Burladies”, in which the camera portrays burlesque women in shades of vivid, exaggerated splashes of colour, or in his more recent series “Plantarium”, where nature and…

Guido Calamosca

Guido Calamosca (professional photographer from Senigallia who lives and works in Bologna. He has been involved in the Summer Jamboree photographic project for over seven years, taking unique and unrepeatable shots). Guido was born in Senigallia in 1981, a city with a strong tradition of photography, and he has been working in the…

Amedeo M. Turello

Amedeo M. Turello (Montecarlo – fashion photographer and celebrity portraitist, collector and curator of important exhibitions from those of the Pirelli Calendar to those of the greatest international photographers who have celebrated fashion and beauty). Born and raised in Italy, Amedeo M. Turello graduated in Architecture at the Politecnico di Torino. For…

Graziano Panfili

Graziano Panfili (Rome – exhibits in museums and galleries in several countries around the world, successful in prestigious national and international competitions). Graziano Panfili (Frosinone, 1971) is a multifaceted artist who turned to photography after many years of drawing, painting and comics. He completed his studies in the field of art and…

Luca Locatelli

Luca Locatelli (Milan – World Press Photo Environment, collaborates with National Geographic, The New York Times Magazine). Luca Locatelli is a photographer and visual storyteller whose research focuses on the interactions between culture, science and the environment, and in particular on technological and industrial processes which can be promising and sustainable for the planet. Luca works closely with…

Pippo Onorati

Pippo Onorati (Rome – photographer, designer, director, journalist, former collaborator of Oliviero Toscani at Benetton, for Fabrica and Colors). After working for years as a journalist (with publications on La Repubblica, l’Unità, il Manifesto, Gambero Rosso, Arcigola Slow Food, il Salvagente, and Askanews), in 1993 he met Oliviero Toscani, during the golden age of the famous…

Giuliano Guarnieri

Giuliano Guarnieri (Verona – his path to the origins led him from the modern SLR to the more antiquated Rolleiflex and the view camera). Giuliano Guarnieri was born in Mantua in 1967. He entered the world of photography at the age of twenty when he bought his first SLR. Immediately fascinated by black and white, after…


As musicians we are ambassadors, musical ambassadors, and our job is to make people happy. And that’s really important today because there are so many people who politically make others unhappy or make it very difficult to be happy. So it’s really important for musicians to help people find their happiness and their fullness of mind. And to unite – not separate.


What is burlesque? A predecessor of the striptease, born in Victorian England, where the girl on stage provokes the crowd, waddles, winks, strips herself of her superfluous veils and then, poof, disappears.

Pulsatilla, Repubblica XL


I have never seen so many happy people all at once. Going around every corner of the city they all have smiles on their faces.

Gary U.S. Bonds