Rock’n’Roll as told by great photographers who were able to capture memorable shots of happiness experienced during the first 20 years of Summer Jamboree, the International Festival of Music and Culture of America in the 40s and 50s, held every year in early August in Senigallia, Italy, a city recently awarded the title of “City of Photography“.

ROCK’N’ROLL IS A STATE OF THE SOUL is the title of the immersive exhibition with which the Summer Jamboree and the Municipality of Senigallia are celebrating the 20th anniversary of what has become over time the largest festival of its kind in the world in terms of recorded attendance.

Curated by Summer Jamboree and co-produced by the Municipality of Senigallia with the collaboration of Regione Marche, the exhibition opens the celebrations of the twentieth anniversary of the Summer Jamboree Festival.

The exhibition, open to the public from 14 June to 29 September 2019, expresses the spirit and culture of Rock’n’Roll in its broadest and most authentic sense, through its experience during these first twenty years of the Summer Jamboree Festival.